Interested in adding Sorority Clothing to your retail store?

Each item within our Sorority collection pays homage to an enduring sense of elegance. The renowned Liberty of London Print™, celebrated for its rich legacy and intricate motifs, serves as a profound influence on our design philosophy. Our creations are a celebration of fashion designed to honor the essence of women.

We truly believe adding Sorority Clothing into your store will capture the hearts of your customers, both near and far.

My vision for Sorority Clothing was to design pieces exuding timeless allure, seamlessly blending into everyday life and retaining their stylish essence for years to come. By introducing Sorority Clothing to your range, you're introducing a coveted brand that is destined to make a lasting impression.

Do you share our passion for our pieces and hold an interest in becoming part of our stockist team? Feel free to complete our stockist application form provided HERE, and we will be in contact with you soon.

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