As a design enthusiast or fashion lover, you must have heard of the famous Liberty prints and patterns. This iconic fabric line has been in the market for over 100 years, and it continues to dazzle people with its unique craftsmanship and beautiful designs. Liberty fabrics are used in items such as clothes, home decor, and more, and their simplistic yet intricate patterns are the reason they are beloved and widely used. Today we'll be discussing the common items created using Liberty designs, the most premium items, and the different products made for Men, Women, and Children.

The Most Unexpected Items Using Liberty Designs:
With Liberty prints, the possibilities are endless. Designers have pushed the boundaries and have used Liberty's prints in unconventional ways. From scooter helmets to guitar straps to a Liberty-printed throne, the creativity is endless! One Liberty design item that has caught our attention is the Liberty-printed caravan. A collaboration between an interior designer and Liberty, this caravan features curtains, cushions, and sofa covers, making it the perfect home on wheels. The caravans are sold in limited numbers, so if you decide to purchase one, rest assured that you'll have an item unlike any other.

 Liberty Wow

The Most Deluxe/Premium Items Using Liberty Designs or Fabrics:
If you're looking to splurge on a premium Liberty item, our top pick would be the Liberty cashmere scarves. Available in various signature Liberty prints, these exquisite scarves provide both style and comfort. The fabric is super soft and gentle, perfect for chilly days and nights. For something a bit more indulgent and luxurious, we recommend checking out the Liberty Fabrics silk pyjamas. The pyjamas are made with 100% silk and feature stunning Liberty prints inspired by the orient. It makes for an excellent addition to your closet or as a gift to your friends and loved ones.


We found this amazing artist, Riley Shehee, you NEED to see her work!

see Riley's work here


The Most Common Items Using Liberty Designs For Fabrics:
Liberty fabrics are not just limited to premium products; they are used in everyday items, too. Home furnishings, baby clothes, dresses, and skirts are just a few examples. Some of the Liberty-inspired items we see daily include cute and cozy baby rompers, feminine skirts and dresses, and home furnishings like poufs and cushions. These everyday staples with Liberty prints are the best items for those who want to incorporate the iconic designs into their daily lives without compromising style.

Liberty Items for Men, Women, and Children:
Liberty prints and designs are not just for ladies. Men and children's clothing options have grown and feature Liberty prints in several stylish products. Liberty print shirts for Men are an excellent way to incorporate print into a dapper suit. For children, Liberty-printed dresses, tops, and shorts remain a cute and fashionable choice. Liberty also offers men's boxer shorts and briefs in the classic Tana Lawn cotton fabric, perfect for breathable undergarments throughout the day.

Liberty Print Shirt By Calibre
Men's Liberty Print Shirt By Calibre

custom liberty tie & pocket squareCustom Tie & Pocket Square

In conclusion, Liberty fabrics are some of the most iconic and widely used in the fashion world. With the versatility and quality of their products, it's no wonder that Liberty prints and designs have been a favourite among fashion enthusiasts for over a century. Whether you're splurging on a luxury item or looking for your everyday staples, Liberty designs offer something for all. So, take a step into the world of Liberty prints, and find something that can be a permanent staple in your wardrobe!

September 02, 2023 — Samantha Firestone