The world of fabric design is an intriguing and fascinating one, full of intricate designs, stunning colours, and unique patterns. And among the many different fabrics and designers, one brand stands out - Liberty Fabric. This beautiful fabric has been around for over 140 years and has created a cult-like following over time. But what is it that makes Liberty Fabric so special, and why do so many women love it? I'll share with you the incredible history behind Liberty Fabric, where it comes from, why it’s significant, and some of the famous designers who have made it famous.

Liberty Fabric has a rich history - the story begins in 1875 when Arthur Lasenby Liberty opened his first shop on Regent Street in London. At that time, it was called Liberty & Co, and it quickly became known for its beautiful imported silks, satins, and printed fabrics. However, Arthur Liberty wanted to stand out and create something unique, and so he began to focus on designing his fabrics, and that's when the Liberty of London brand was born.

One of the most notable features of Liberty Fabric is the intricate and elaborate designs that are used. The designs are inspired by many different elements, including Art Nouveau, pop art, and the pre-Raphaelites movement. Liberty fabric is also known for the high-quality cotton lawn that it uses, which is a finely woven, sheer fabric that is lightweight and perfect for making dresses, blouses, and other delicate garments.

Liberty Fabric is crafted with care, passion, and dedication, with the company working with an ever-increasing number of fabric designers and artists to keep their designs fresh and modern. It's also a brand that has garnered attention from many prominent fashion designers over the years, including Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood, and Jean Muir, who have all used Liberty fabric in their designs. Even today, Liberty Fabric continues to collaborate with renowned designers, such as Emma Bridgewater and House of Hackney, to keep its designs fresh and exciting.

One reason why Liberty Fabric has such an extensive and dedicated following is the brand's unique and colourful designs. Fans of Liberty Fabric love the fabric for its intricate patterns, bold colours, and whimsical themes. For many people, Liberty Fabric has become a symbol of British heritage and quality, and for others, it's simply a beautiful fabric that they love to wear.

But Liberty Fabric’s popularity isn't just restricted to the fashion world - it's also used in the interiors sector, and the fabric is often used for curtains, cushions, and other soft furnishings. Its cult-like following has led to Liberty design inspired home decor, including wallpaper collections, making it a popular alternative to traditional florals and paisley prints.

The history behind Liberty Fabric is a fascinating one, and it's no surprise that the brand has such a dedicated following. The intricate designs, high-quality cotton lawn, and the collaboration of esteemed designers make Liberty Fabric an essential part of the British textile industry. With its colourful patterns and whimsical themes, Liberty fabrics have become a symbol of quality and craftsmanship. It's no wonder that this fabric has been adored by women of all ages for over a century. As Liberty Fabric continues to thrive, fans of the brand will undoubtedly continue their search for new and beautiful designs that capture the essence of this prestigious fabric.

We are so privileged here at Sorority to have this incredible fabric in our range. Once you have one, well, you just cant get enough!!!

September 02, 2023 — Samantha Firestone